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Breaking Up the Relationship in Peace

THE STARTING OF THE COUPLE CRISIS This couple crisis started in July when due to some of my partner’s decisions and attitudes, one Full Moon day and while with my period, I become a tornado, a tsunami, an earthquake and a storm…all at once. I shaken the stagnated dust inRead More

Closing a Cycle

Sitting here in the garden, I look to all we have done together. All the creations, the paintings, the crafts. 10 years of Shiva Garden, almost 7 with us together. Shiva Garden is a place for Creators. It’s a place for Free Souls. It’s the place for the so namedRead More

Daughters and Sons Of An Imperfect World

This is the sharing of my journey through discovery and recovery of my codependency. One month before I discovered that I have been a co-dependent person during all my life and I am sharing this here, in public because I found out through sharing this subject with my best friendsRead More

Causes Of Co-Dependency

Ok, now that we know the patterns-and-characteristics of a Co-Dependent person, comes the question: From where this comes from? What is the origin source for a person develop such characteristics? While the answers aren’t the same for everyone, for most people it begins in childhood. This is important because childrenRead More

What is Co-Dependency

The Realization That You May Have Co-Dependent Patterns I will share here with you as, unfortunately there are many adults in our days, whom are sons and daughters of narcissistic parents and themselves transform into adults, partners and parents with narcissistic and co-dependent patterns that pass to their own kids.Read More

When We Go “The Extra Mile” on Giving, Serving and Smiling…Way Too Often!

Did you ever stop to wonder why do we go the extra mile on smiling, being nice, giving and serving way too often? From where this pattern comes from? The Reason: Why We Do It? Why we go the extra mile on smiling, being nice, giving and serving…way too often?Read More

Couple Relationship – The Extension of the Relationship with our Parents

THE HEALING PROCESS Before you make any effective change in your life, you have to seriously think in healing yourself. When we go through difficult life experiences, our chakras (if you want to know what are the Chakras, dowload my Free E-Book here), will get into unbalance. One the chakrasRead More

Releasing * Ritual with the Sea

This is a ritual for release things, people or situations that you no longer want in your life and bring back to you the blessings you wish. During the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipses and some specific numerology dates are more auspicious times for the effectiveness of this ritual. In orderRead More

Spirituality Versus Assertiveness

There is no peace, love or forgiveness inside yourself as long as you are not living with your Truth. Spirituality is not about living in a lie, in a illusion, unhappy or unfulfilled inside, in the name of peace. Spirituality, for me, is, in every moment, being mindfully living andRead More

Travel Diary – Indonesia – Bali – Ubud – Blangsinga Waterfall – 01.06.2017

This day we went to see The Blangsinga Waterfall and we had a beautiful scooter ride through Ubud villages. Bali’s religion is mainly a mix of Hindu and Asiatic and during the ride we notest that almost all houses have their own private temple. There is a big wall protectingRead More

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