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Spirituality Versus Assertiveness

There is no peace, love or forgiveness inside yourself as long as you are not living with your Truth. Spirituality is not about living in a lie, in a illusion, unhappy or unfulfilled inside, in the name of peace. Spirituality, for me, is, in every moment, being mindfully living andRead More

An Wake For Truth

How many more child’s and adults have to die for us to realize that we need to make a hole change in our life style? How many more people dying from cancers and other modern sickness it take for us to realize that we do need to change our diet’s?Read More


Sometimes we need to shield ourself in our Sacred Space, so that the real change can take place.

About the Aqua-Floating Therapy

Aquatic Bodywork is a unique experience that simultaneously brings you relaxation and revitalization. The therapeutic effect may be felt on many levels. It’ s a mix of massage and breath work – performed above and under water – requiring no effort from your part. Aquatic Bodywork is fluid and nurturing therapy. Suspended in warmRead More

Make your Wishes to Iemanja

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