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Travel Diary – Indonesia – Bali – Ubud – Blangsinga Waterfall – 01.06.2017

This day we went to see The Blangsinga Waterfall and we had a beautiful scooter ride through Ubud villages. Bali’s religion is mainly a mix of Hindu and Asiatic and during the ride we notest that almost all houses have their own private temple. There is a big wall protectingRead More

Travel Diary – Indonesia – Bali – Ubud – The Monkey Forest – 31.05.2017

The next morning, after breakfast I did not want to move so much and I just left myself laying down in bed the whole morning. Jayan spend some time with the babies outside on the garden of the home stay and on and off Divya and Nithya would come insideRead More

Travel Diary – Indonesia – Bali – From Canggu, Kuta to Ubud – Magical! – 30.05.2017

This was our last day in Canggu and so we took the morning to have a look on some shops with some handmade items on the high-way on the way to Kuta. After lunch we took a taxi to Ubud, in the mountains, it took around 1h30 to reach there.Read More

Travel Diary – Bali South, Kuta – WaterBoom! 29.05.2017

When we were planning this vacation in Bali, we knew we had to allocate a day for the WaterBoom park. “Described as an oasis in the middle of the famous Kuta stretch, Waterbom Bali sets itself in lush tropical garden with many great rides and attractions. Exciting water slides sliceRead More

Diary of Travel to Bali: 28.05.2017 – Bali South, Canggu, The Super Balinese Massage!

Having done my spiritual practice after waking up in the morning, made me feel way better than the previous day. I dedicated some time to shores around the room and went out to buy some groceries while my family was sleeping. Let me tell you about this wonderful supermarket inRead More

Diary of Travel to Bali: 27.05.2017 – Bali South, Canggu and Kuta

In our first day in Canggu (it’s pronounced “Changgu”),a quiet place near Kuta a very busy city, we woke up quite late, the previous night we went to sleep also very late. We were warmly welcomed by Rade Guestouse‘s staff and John, the manager  that did absolutely their best toRead More

Diary of Travel to Bali – Traveling Time – India to Bali – 26.05.2017

Hello dear friends, This Diary of Travel is to share with you our experience during our family vacation to Indonesia, in the islands of Bali and Lombok. We are a family of four: me, my partner and our two little daughters (4 and 2 years). This is not a conventionalRead More

The ambience in Shiva Garden

During December to February, in the high season, Shiva Garden can gather around 50 to 70 guests from different parts of society, religions, ages from 1 to 80 years old, and from all over the world.  It’s usual to see guests meeting each other there, making friendship, going together to theRead More

You can’t run away from Yourself…

You can travel the World, but you can’t run away from Yourself.

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