November, 2015

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Take the helm of your life in you hands!

Life Coach tip#16: Life is like driving a boat, In order to live Your Own Life Path, You have to take the helm in your hands.

Love & Forgiveness

Life Coach tip#15: Two of the most important lessons that we came to learn in this life are Love and Forgiveness.

Enjoy the time with your friends

Life Coach tip#14: To make a wonderful day, all that it takes, is to go outdoors with a good friend, tea, dates and fruits.

Morning Practice for Life Changing

9 powerful tolls to Start The Life Change: Prayer, Pranayama , Reiki, Meditation, Angel Cards, Positive Affirmations, Yoga, Keep Learning, and Stay Positive!


One of the biggest positive transformations you can have in your life, just with 30 min of affirmations and key questions in front of a mirror. Get inspired!

Motivation to Work

The motivation for you to work, should not be regarding uniquely the money. The ultimate goal for your work, should be your and the client’s well being and satisfaction while you are doing the work activity, as well the pleasure of working with, and, for people you love and appreciate.

Angels are always with You

Appreciating the Simple Things of Life

Make your Wishes to Iemanja

Magic Moments

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