January, 2018

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The Moving After Finishing the Relationship – How It all Happened

On the first week of 2018, I felt that I could not keep on living in the apartment in Shiva Garden Home Stay anymore where I would see him every day and would be surrounded by 50 to 70 people daily when all I wanted was a quiet private placeRead More

Breaking Up the Relationship in Peace

THE STARTING OF THE COUPLE CRISIS This couple crisis started in July when due to some of my partner’s decisions and attitudes, one Full Moon day and while with my period, I become a tornado, a tsunami, an earthquake and a storm…all at once. I shaken the stagnated dust inRead More

Closing a Cycle

Sitting here in the garden, I look to all we have done together. All the creations, the paintings, the crafts. 10 years of Shiva Garden, almost 7 with us together. Shiva Garden is a place for Creators. It’s a place for Free Souls. It’s the place for the so namedRead More

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