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About the Aqua-Floating Therapy

Aquatic Bodywork is a unique experience that simultaneously brings you relaxation and revitalization. The therapeutic effect may be felt on many levels.

It’ s a mix of massage and breath work – performed above and under water – requiring no effort from your part.

Aquatic Bodywork is fluid and nurturing therapy. Suspended in warm water, you are able to let go of both body and mind. Nothing else exists. It allows you to enter in a state of deep receptiveness.

This unique bodywork is passive technique. It’s like a dance in water where, freely and with no conscious control of bodily movement, you are able to surrender to the experience. The body moves itself slowly through water pressure and the gentle touch of the therapist. You are led to a place of purity – back to life inside womb, back to safety and warmth.

The Aqua-Floating Therapy is performed in warm water, in a one-to-one session, you lie weightless in chest-deep warm water. The therapist will support your neck and lower back, knees or feet, and you are moved, stretched, massaged and mobilized in several different ways. This massage is effected simply through water pressure and the free movement of the body.

Aquatic Bodywork, as well as other alternative therapy’s, has a range of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic benefits.

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