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Numerology, A Day 9

Some days are just like this: MAGICALLY FLOWING!

Morning, Yoga Class, beautiful, since long time I was not teaching and i just loved to came back to it.

The morning flows with no struggles, the babies don’t cry, they don’t “stuck” on me, I can go to work peacefully, the computer, the internet and the work just flow with no blocks of any type, Uau! Amazing…

Even today, was not so hot as the last few days (In Varkala in the first 15 days of May  is 41 degrees, Only!!!).

Today my work was doing a 26 pages file for a Astrology & Numerology session for a friend.

By the way, if someone interested, I do sessions at distance or personally, that includes Western Astrology, Chinese Astrology, Mayan Astrology (this one is my last passion), Karmic Astrology (your energy from past life’s) and Numerology. The session includes a file with all information sanded by email, and a 2h to 3h session one to one, made alive, or by what’s app call or IMO. If you are interested, please contact me by email to

Going on with our day, 3h pm, i came out, the babies happy and playing with Jayan in the bed, Divya ask me to go to the beach, I go with them, we had a lots of fun, I did a sand star, we payed together with yoga, Nithya played magically with a bunch of crows flying around her, they played more together , I took some photos just enjoying the magic beauty of the sea, the sun, the babies and green of the Cliff, all that Nature surrounding us. We run out of water, and so we went to the Sacred Spring on the Cliff, we fill our bottle with pure spring water and we had shower there. Some local white backwaters birds were there, giving even more beauty to the already luxuriant green scenery.

I said to Divya, we go now to see Tenzin, from Wind Horse, and she say “I want a bracelet with flowers!” We went to see Tenzin, I did not asked nothing to him for Divya, and she ask to me (in Portuguese) the bracelet. Without I ask, Tenzin offered to Divya a Bracelet with Flowers! He just amazingly read her thoughts, and he gave her exactly what she wanted!

Walking on the cliff, people warmly smiling  at me and giving a blinking of the eye. I felt like floating.

When I took photos from the Sunset, is on the sand in big letters (not made by me), our next destination next week: Goa! I could not believe! Really???…


We arrived home around 6h30, Jayan is taking his nap, the babies had a watermelon juice and fall asleep instantaneously and at the same time!

I thought “isn’t that perfect?!? It’s perfect, so now I can have some relax and write this text that you are reading now.

This is a perfect example of a day 9, where everything from the beginning to the end, is peaceful and magical! And by the way, i also did my morning practice today (at the fullest, with reiki, meditation, affirmations, writing on my diary and yoga) waking up time? 4h30 am. If it’s worth? Oh Yes!!!…

How can things get any better than this?

How to calculate the energy of the day?

Example: 04.05.2016

you need to add all numbers until you have just one (except master numbers 11 or 22)



Got it?

For information about Life Coaching Sessions, that includes Astrology & Numerology reading, please click here.

And here I leave you some photos of this magical day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Sonia Indigo

Babies playing

Babies playing (2)

Give the hand to your Sister

Beautifull Nature

IMG_20160504_170341660 (Small)

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach Sunset

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