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Whenever you are feeling down, take time for you to reconnect, to talk with your angels, to rest and recover your energy, to write, to Be With Yourself.

After going through this steps, you will feel much better, you will be surprised with how easily the rest of your day flows, the gifts and love you receive from people around you.

 Because your inside changes, your outside reality also changes, accordingly with how you feel inside now. Now you feel good, you are in a place where Well Being flows through you, you can smile again. Its from this point that all the rest in your outside world will unfold in a magical way, that its bey-wound your imagination.

Sometimes all you need, it’s just a break, a time off from the world.

Can you allow yourself that precious time? Because its from That point that all the rest will flow into your life.

Learning to Relax and knowing when its time for action, it’s the Key.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do to help you feel good and coming back into Your Source of Energy:

  1. Go to a quiet place and meditate for 30 min, focus on your breathing, quiet your mind, let the insights for your life come, naturally.
  2. Make 20 min self healing with Reiki, during the healing, make deep breaths;
  3. Take an Angel Card, (I recommend Doreen Virtues’s Angel Cards);
  4. Lay down, put the phones in your ears and listen a good guided relaxation or meditation and release, let go and relax completely. For Women, we recommend this one: “Voice of The Mother”, from Azrael Bertrand.
  5. Write in your journal your insights;
  6. Receive a massage or a reiki session;
  7. Go to the Nature, walk barefoot on the Earth or sand, get some fresh air, walk in the Nature, sit next to a tree and read a good self help book, a observe the beauty of flower, or a butterfly, enjoy the miracles of the Nature;
  8. Cuddle a baby, a cat or a dog, their love is always unconditional, and its the most beautiful love of all;
  9. Lay down, listen a soft relaxing music or a guided meditation and let yourself go, release and relax completely;
  10. Go out and see a good friend, share your feelings and emotions, talk, listen and laugh together;
  11. Make the sport you like;
  12. Clean your house, the house is Us, when we clean the and organize the house, we are doing the same with our inside world, in the end, you will feel much better, its an active meditation, during the cleaning, so many insights can come to you!;
  13. Listen a selection of your favorite musics, if you don’t have this selection made yet, take the time to make it;
  14. Jump into your bathtub and take a warm relaxing bubbling bath with candles and soft relaxing music and remember to put salts and lavender oil on the water.
  15. Read good inspiring self help or self healing books, new age spirituality books, or a book you feel inspired to read;

There are many things at your hand that can help you feel better, and most of them, are not even expensive.

Remember, The Most Important Thing, is that You Make Yourself Feel Good!

Sónia Indigo



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