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How many more child’s and adults have to die for us to realize that we need to make a hole change in our life style?
How many more people dying from cancers and other modern sickness it take for us to realize that we do need to change our diet’s?
In the called “developed countries” people eat “on the go” packed food, processed foods, milk and dairy full of antibiotics and hormones that the industries give to the cow’s in order for them to produce more milk, and then they put in nice packets saying “extra calcium, vitamins”, etc.
When will we awake for Reality?!?
The human being is the only animal who still drink milk after childhood. Did you ever thought about that? it’s just a social habit! Adding the coffee, sugar, just half way to get more diseases.
You eat packed, processed foods full of artificial ingredients and additives who are one of the cancers cause. Adding to this you use the fridge, freezer and microwave. You are eating dead food! How come people would not get diseases and die earlier?!
You eat industrial vegetables and fruits, big in size, with a great aspect but no flavour. Full of quimics to make them grow faster in order for the companies to make easy money.
Hellooooooo, what would it take for us to start to invest in our health and start to buy organic vegetables and fruits and grow our own food?
You eat the meat of animals who were sadly raised in very poor conditions, baby animals separated from their mothers, injected with hormones to grow faster or to put more eggs or to produce more milk, given artificial food with no nutrients, just to make them fat in order to have more weight and so to make the industries earn more money.
This meat that you eat, is sad food. Death food. No life, no nutrients, just filled with chemicals and hormones which will eventually make you severely sick, in some point of your life.
When we will wake up?!?
You give vaccines to your little baby without getting properly informed about all the contraindications of each vaccine. Did you know that diseases come in small children due to the vaccines?…
Just few weeks ago the best friend of our daughters passed away. A child with 11 ears.
When he was 2 years was discovered that he had a disease called Aplastic Anaemia (deficiency of all types of blood cell caused by failure of bone marrow development). At his 11 years was, (two months ago), it was discovered that he had leukemia. I Did a research on the cause of Aplastic Anaemia and this is what I found:
“Case reports of pancytopenia, lupus-like disease, and exacerbation of certain autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis have been described after hepatitis B vaccination, but aplastic anemia has not been reported”.
If you are thinking about vaccine your baby, Get Informed first! Google it! Get in contact with a Doula!
Don’t just follow the society and what everyone else do just because they say it’s right.
The big industries of food, pharmaceutical, medical, bank’s and some others ruled by some financially and greedy powerful people are manipulating society, the TV, the commercials, social media in order to make you enter in such a rhythm of fast consuming of goods, food, material things that simply imprison you to job’s that you hate, working with people who you don’t like, coming home feeling miserable and sinking your frustrations in tobacco, alcohol, drugs and social media. Tired, detached from yourself, your emotions and your body needs and from your family, neglecting the needs of your children, you just let them linked hours and hours attached to their tablet, phone or video games that you bought for them to play or watch for infinite hours just to let you free to spend yourself another infinite hours on your social media!…
My God how asleep we are in this so called “developed society”…
So sad to see.
How detached from our bodies real needs and our emotions we are.
What would it take to change this?
One more death?…
I leave here this calling for an awakening of yourself and the ones you love and care for, for our children’s, with all my humility and love for the people and future of this planet.

If you care for your loved ones, family, friends and people in this planet…

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Sonia Indigo

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