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Diary of Travel to Bali - Traveling Time - India to Bali - 26.05.2017

Hello dear friends,

This Diary of Travel is to share with you our experience during our family vacation to Indonesia, in the islands of Bali and Lombok. We are a family of four: me, my partner and our two little daughters (4 and 2 years).

This is not a conventional travel, as we always have adventures and end up meeting the nicest and funniest people. I hope you can travel with us through the words, descriptions, feelings, images and links that I share with you here.

Okay, Ready? All aboard!

Our Travel Essentials

We like to be independent wherever we go as well as we prefer to spend the money having experiences and exploring than eating in touristic restaurants, paying for laundry, room service or going to fancy shops. In order to do this there are some things we usually take with us in our travels independently if they are a small escape away or a big vacation.

So here I leave you the list is what we normally take with us, eventually this can help you make a list for your own travels:

  • Electrical water heater
  • Cutting board
  • Orange’s squeezer
  • Tea and coffee bags
  • 2 steel small plates and 2 medium ones
  • 2 steel glasses
  • 2 tea spoons
  • Scrub and washing powder to wash the clothes
  • Toys and games for babies
  • Jackets and socks for all of us (even though we are traveling in countries where the weather is warm, the AC on the train and plane can be quite cold).
  • Incense support, incense, candles, a little Ganesha , Shiva and some Buddhist Deities and some Angels to make the “puja” (spiritual ceremony) to bless our room, us and our travel.
  • Light small blanket
  • Travel pillows for the babies
  • 1 liter water container
  • Small laptop
  • Phone charger
  • Camera
  • Homeopathic medicine for the babies (cold, fever, cuffing)
  • Rope
  • Beach sarong
  • Diapers
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes and sandals for all of us, (we did not take too much, just enough to have every day some washed clothes to wear)
  • Passports and driving license (For the scooter rides)
  • Money
  • Airline tickets, train and Hotel bookings (We did all the room bookings online on


26.05.2017 – Traveling Time – Varkala to Cochin

Our trip started in South India, Kerala, we took a 4h train from Varkala beach, our home city to Cochin, to catch the plane from Cochin to Bali with a 7h stop in the airport of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. We paid a total of 60.000 Inr (=817 euros) for the tickets plain for all of us 4.

We arrived in Cochin during the evening and I really wanted to buy a camera to take great pictures and Jayan suggested the biggest Shopping Center in Cochi ( and all Kerala state). And so we went to the Lulu Mall Shopping Center.

It was 9 PM when we finally left the shopping mall. We were struggling to find a taxi. My husband Jayan left us for a while in his search for transportation, which felt like ages to me. I decided to do Reiki, drawing the Reiki symbols and visualizing a rickshaw picking us up. Surprise surprise, Jayan shows up shortly after with a rickshaw. But this was not a regular one, this was a special one. The interior had beautiful purple lights and the driver was super nice and he was wearing a Super Men t-shirt. Ha Ha! Hilarious! I can never have enough of this! God always sends us angels! And once again, Reiki shows me how useful of a miracle tool it can be.

27.05.2017 – Traveling Time – India to Bali


We went to Cochin airport around 5 AM and while there, I was looking to a big Aquarius with colorful fishes and these thoughts came to my mind:

If only we could keep in mind that every time we are feeding our materialistic conveniences we are contributing indirectly for the Planet Earth destruction, we would spend much less time in shopping centers.

Having a minimalist living for the good of our Planet is Urgent.
Take some minutes to evaluate how many things do you buy and from what they are made, at what life cost, and how many people were exploited to satisfy your desires.

The Planet Earth and the future generations will be thankful if each one of us start to make effective changes in our lifestyle. To adopt a Vegan diet is far away from being enough. It takes much more than that. It takes a vision far beyond than just our belly button!


 We took a 4-hour flight to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and then a 3-hour flight to Bali. This is our second time here (the first was last year on our trip to Thailand), and so we eat in the same place in “Noodles Restaurant” who serve huge “basins” with delicious food, which I recommend, is inside the airport on the ground floor.

While in this airport we bought a pre-paid SIM card with internet access for Indonesia, which is very handy and cheap.

We arrived in Bali around 1 AM and had a taxi pickup direct to the Rade Guest House, located in Canggu, one hour away from the airport and the busy city of Kuta.

feng shui

As where coming out from Bali’s airport there are these ugly monsters giving us the welcoming. As first impression is was clear for us that the natives of this island use a lot of protective rituals and Feng Shui in order to protect and harmonize the island, houses and commercial places. There was something mystical in all of that scenery. I also read that black magic was (and eventually still is) practiced in this island and there is even a touristic place with a lake in the tour flyers mentioning that Bali in old times was actually a torture place for the black magic practitioners.

As we came out of the airport our taxi driver, Adi, was waiting for us, and of course, could not be a normal driver, nope…The driver was a short smiley person with short hair, glasses, walking fast, with the nails painted black. She was very nice and talking in a funny way, me and Jayan was smiling to each other of the funny way she talked. We absolutely loved her and decided that she would takes us wherever we needed in Bali!

Original Text by Sonia Indigo

Edition by Mariana C.

Images from personal files.

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