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Diary of Travel to Bali: 27.05.2017 – Bali South, Canggu and Kuta

In our first day in Canggu (it’s pronounced “Changgu”),a quiet place near Kuta a very busy city, we woke up quite late, the previous night we went to sleep also very late.

We were warmly welcomed by Rade Guestouse‘s staff and John, the manager  that did absolutely their best to assist us in all our requests. We paid 850Inr (= 11,60 euros) per night in a AC room with TV, Balcony, hot water and free drinking water cold and hot available for the guests. They also have a restaurant, and on the other side of the street there is a very nice bakery, Popular Supermarket, that has all kind of healthy food options for people who have a vegan or raw food diet, and there is also a place to exchange money. It’s not sea front, not even near the beach. but if you have a scooter, in general, the location is very good.

Kuta is a very busy city, a known beach and surf spot in the south of Bali.
We rented a scooter and went explore the beaches around… On the way Jayan suggested to go to Kuta (he was like a child so excited to go there) I was not aware of how far Kuta was from Canggu (50 min), but so we went. There is this big straight road, connecting this two cities full of beautiful hand craft shops, each one specialized in wood carving or glass, or dream catchers, or hammocks, sofas, surf shops, so many shops!


The babies were not very happy as they were really looking forward to go to the beach and Jayan took us the to biggest busy city in whole Bali! As we arrived we met the Varkala’s Putturam Supermarket owner, Baiju, our neighbor, in the biggest Shopping Center in town , which is just next door the second biggest Water Park in the World, and the biggest in Asia!

We went to a restaurant near by, had a juice with this very nice man from Varkala, what a coincidence (or not..), he was there at the same time than us! After this we went for a walk on the beach. it’s a bay with some very fancy sea view restaurants, the sand is dark, the weather was also grey and the water was cold and the sea with many waves, not so good for swimming. All the babies wanted was to play on the sand and so we did and they were so happy. We did not find Kuta beach to be a paradise, the proximity to the big city was not a positive aspect for us.

Before heading back to Rade Guest House, my dear husband decided to indulge a bit more into the Bali shopping experience. This ended up not being a good idea, since my daughters found a toy they’ve been asking for ages and we did not have enough money for two of those. We thought we had a lot of money but in fact we had just little!

So, I leave you here the conversion just for you to have an idea of what I am talking about:

1 Indian Rupee = 206 Indonesian Rupee = 0,014 euros

5 Indian Rupees = 1031 Indonesian Rupees = 0,07 euros

10 Indian Rupees = 2062 Indonesian Rupees = 0,14 euros

50 Indian Rupees = 10.310 Indonesian Rupees = 0,69 euros

100 Indian Rupees = 20.621 Indonesian Rupees = 1,38 euros

250 Indian Rupees = 51.553 Indonesian Rupees = 3,46 euros

500 Indian Rupees = 103.107 Indonesian Rupees = 6,91 euros

1000 Indian Rupees = 206.214 Indonesian Rupees = 13,82 euros

5000 Indian Rupees = 1.031.070 Indonesian Rupees = 69,11 euros

If you want to check the correct conversion by the time you are reading this post, please check here.

Not in a fantastic mood anymore, we finally headed back to our hotel. Or at least we tried. We got lost riding our scooter (like many in Bali) and it started raining, it was about 8h30pm and no dinner. We ended stopping by a massage center, and meeting the lovely manager, that called our hotel. We loved the place and the people so much that we booked a massage for both of us for the next day. Balinese people are kind and nice like this! At the hotel we rested and had a meal that we deserved after a long day.

For the ones who are following my Numerology Forecasts on my YouTube page, if you check the video I did for this week, you can see that Sunday 28 of May in Numerology was a day with 7 and 33! And the curious of this is that I advice people not to big trips or travels in this day as I carries a karmic energy which can bring challenging situations. If I was properly connected and grounded, I would tell Jayan not to go to Kuta this day, I would just stay around, but I end up doing exactly the opposite of what I advice on my own video! Absolutely ridiculous!…

Original Text by Sonia Indigo

Edition by Mariana C.

Images from personal archives.

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