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Diary of Travel to Bali: 28.05.2017 – Bali South, Canggu, The Super Balinese Massage!

Having done my spiritual practice after waking up in the morning, made me feel way better than the previous day. I dedicated some time to shores around the room and went out to buy some groceries while my family was sleeping. Let me tell you about this wonderful supermarket in Canggu, Popular Supermarket, just opposite to Rade Guest House, where we were staying. The quality and variety of the food available was amazing! Any vegan or raw-vegan would tear up of happiness!
(I got so excited that I even took some notes to share with the my local supermarket owner back home).

I purchased everything I needed, came back and enjoyed a lovely orange juice with fresh fruits on the balcony. At this point I remembered my massage booking from the previous day adventure. To my surprise, at 10h30 am, my husband and daughters were still deep sleeping! The massage was at 11ham. I asked the hotel manager at the reception to call me a taxi and kindly he offered to drive me to the massage center. As a western citizen, I’m used to not trust ‘excessive’ generosity. But this is the thing about Balinese people: they are genuinely kind and nice. It felt right to accept his offer. Can you believe that he kindly picked me up again after the massage?
My Balinese massage experience made my day even better. This was the best massage I ever received! If ever you visit this place, which I highly recommend, you won’t regret it. 90 minutes of pure bliss!


This felt sooooo gooodd. At this point I was already doing like the cats do rooooom rooooom… Well, eventually the massage came to an end and I was really feeling like new.

Dayu, the massage therapist jump (literally) to the massage table and did first palming and pressure on my backs that cracked all what was needed to crack! Only after the palming without oil she would use a body cream and massage the hole body. Her touch was slow and secure, exactly with the right pressure in each place really fee;ling the body. I am a massage therapist and teacher as well and I received several massages in my life. I can say, Dayu’s massage was one of the best, if not the best massage I ever received! She is really good, and if you are around Canggu or Kuta, this is really a massage spot not to miss!

Afterwards I talked a bit with the owner, a very nice lady while drinking a tea that they offered me. The price was 190.000Idr , I gave 200.000Indonesian Rupees (= 1000 Inr = 13,82 euros) per 90 min massage!
Jayan received in the same day massage from the same therapist and he love the Balinese massage too!


This was a very nice and zen place, that we found thanks to getting lost on the rain the previous day. In Portugal we have a saying that goes like this: “God writes right by crooked lines”.

Here’s the contact information of the Massage Center:

Pure Day Spa in Bali, Canggu

Massage Therapist name: Dayu

Bookings: 085 935 077 237


Address: Jl. Raya Semat 100 X Brawa – Canggu

After lunch we spent the afternoon on Canggu beach with the babies just playing and chilling out.

This was a very good and peaceful day.

Original Text by Sonia Indigo

Edition by Mariana C.

Images from personal archives.

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