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Travel Diary - Indonesia - Bali - From Canggu, Kuta to Ubud - Magical! - 30.05.2017

This was our last day in Canggu and so we took the morning to have a look on some shops with some handmade items on the high-way on the way to Kuta.

After lunch we took a taxi to Ubud, in the mountains, it took around 1h30 to reach there. We choose Adi, the same taxi driver that Rade Guest House sent to pick us up from the airport, as we feel so good with her, she has a uplifting energy which is really positive, specially for long travels and her English is very good.


In the end of this day, Divya ask me their boogie bags, (a gift we bought for them in Kuta and that they were asking for long time), and I realized that they were not with us. I was sure they stayed in Rade Guest House, however, when we asked the manager said that they didn’t saw them. This brought my humor down, all the babies toys were there and they loved so much that little bags. However, Jayan or the babies were not upset with this at all, in fact, not even thinking about that! I was the only one upset. It made me think about how attachment to things and people can make us feel miserable when we lose them, and so this day and the next day I took some time to think about this and about detachment and how it can set us free from feeling down.


We check in Made Arsa Home Stay  which is one of the loveliest places we stayed until now, regarding the room, the value, the excellent service the beauty and harmony of the common areas and the warm that we were received by this lovely family and their staff.


DSC00399 DSC00400 DSC00402 DSC00403

The owners, a couple, she, Ibu use to be a teacher and he, Pak Made do wood carving and they live there with their 2 sons.


The place has their own temple and every morning the Ibu would do the ceremony and spread the gifts for the Gods (incense, flowers and food) everywhere around the guesthouse.


They have too dogs one of them very cute and lovely that we and our daughters absolutely loved! So much love!



We paid 850Inr (= 11,60 euros) per night in a AC room with hot water, balcony, Wi-Fi, shared kitchen facilities and breakfast included. Even though they have restaurant, they provide 2 kitchens for guests included on the room price.



Even though is not very near from the main touristic center of Ubud, if we ever came back here, this is the only place we would choose to stay again!


Original Text by Sonia Indigo

Edition by Mariana C. and Mark B.

Images from personal archives.

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