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Travel Diary - Indonesia - Bali - Ubud – The Monkey Forest - 31.05.2017

The next morning, after breakfast I did not want to move so much and I just left myself laying down in bed the whole morning. Jayan spend some time with the babies outside on the garden of the home stay and on and off Divya and Nithya would come inside and jump on the bed kissing me and Nithya was cuddling me, passing her little hand in my face (so sweet…), I really wanted to completely switch off and sleep, but these interruptions with the babies jumping on me did not let me sleep much. Still, I relaxed for the morning without pushing myself to do anything. There are days like this and it feels really good when we just allow ourselves to just do nothing and rest. It recharges our batteries.


On Made Arsa Home Stay we rented a scooter and we went to visit the Monkey Forest, this is a local touristic attraction. For the scooter renting we paid 60.000Idr (= 3,95 euros = 290Inr) per day.

To enter on the Monkey Forest we paid 40.000Idr (=193Inr = 2,69 euros) per person and 30.000Idr (=145 Inr =2 euros) for each one of our daughters.


Like the name says, it’s a forest where we can walk on with monkeys all around and living in freedom. This forest it’s a very beautiful place, has a pathway to walk all around and a river passing by were we could see some very big lizards, has also permanent exposition with the paintings of a local recognized painter and his students.


If you visit this place, be aware of the following things:

  • Do not hold anything in your hands like food or drinks because the monkeys will take them from you. If they come to take, just give to them, so they don’t become aggressive.

  • Also be careful with your camera, mobile, wallet and other belongings that you may hold in your hand. If you want to make pictures, hold the camera well.

  • Do not fix your look directly on the eyes of the monkeys because they can take it as an attack.

  • Don’t wear too much colourful clothes like pink and don’t wear clothes or hats with flowers and other things like this because they will came and take it. (This day, my little Nithya ((2 years, 11 months),  was dressed with a very beautiful pink skirt and t-shirt with white and pink flowers ((external, stitched to the clothes), and the monkeys took a white flower from her dress).

  • Also do not get near a baby monkey because his mother for sure is around and they are highly protective of their babies and can become aggressive.

  • The monkeys are in freedom and are not aggressive, if they climb to your shoulders just keep calm, they will go when they have enough.

The only reason they can become aggressive is if you are holding food or drinks and they come to get it and you don’t give, or, if you look deeply into their eyes or if you get near a baby monkey and the mother becomes protective. Besides these three things, it’s peaceful to be around them.


In general, the place is very beautiful and green, with statues that melt with this green and humid place and it’s really nice to see the monkeys in freedom, happy and playing with each other. Our babies specially loved to see the mommy monkeys with their little babies being very caring and protective of him.

There are also some little and very simple shops inside and it’s funny how people use little weapons and sticks to keep the monkeys away from their places.


Outside of the Monkey Forest area there are many lovely small shops with all kinds of handmade items.


After the visit, we went for lunch and we found these two very nice local restaurants, side by side, one of them with one very funny lady and the other one with a very nice young couple running the place. These two places were our chosen restaurants for the whole stay in Ubud, the food was delicious and the people there so warm and nice.



In Local restaurants like these ones in Bali we were paying a total of 60.000 to 80.000 Idr for a hole meal (2, 3 dishes) for me, my partner and our 2 daughters  (= 5,30 euros = 390 Inr).



Near Made Arsa Home Stay, going to the main road, there were several supermarkets where we could buy whatever we needed.

At the end of the day I talked on what’s app with a friend about how I felt upset about losing the babies boogie bags and she was very understanding and just the fact of talking with a friend and have someone listening on the other side and giving kind words, already made me feel much better! Sometimes, this is all what we need, just to talk with a good friend, and it makes miracles! I feel blessed that I have really good wise friends with whom I can share my little “quois” of life.. I have many acquaintances, but the Real Friends, I can count them maybe by the fingers of one hand but these ones are more precious than gold for me. God bless them for being there, they are like Angels in human body.

Original Text by Sonia Indigo

Edition by Mariana C. and Mark B.

Images from personal archives.

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