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Travel Diary - Indonesia - Bali - Ubud – Blangsinga Waterfall - 01.06.2017

This day we went to see The Blangsinga Waterfall and we had a beautiful scooter ride through Ubud villages. Bali’s religion is mainly a mix of Hindu and Asiatic and during the ride we notest that almost all houses have their own private temple. There is a big wall protecting the houses and in front of each entry there is this second wall with Ganesha in front of the entry protecting the place and the wall serving to block the view to the inside of the propriety.

All is very green giving us really relaxing views to our eyes.

After this lovely scooter ride through Ubud villages we reached the waterfalls, and after passing for the stands, restaurants and local shops, we paid an entry fee of 10.000Idr (= 48 Inr = 0,67 euros) for entry fee for each one of us.

From the beginning of the stairs we could already see the big waterfall , quite impressive! We went down and we had first a bath on a natural pool with a few pipes with water falling. Very beautiful place, with cold water although and slippery rocks.

We went down some more steps through a lovely fairy tale pathway that leads us to the Waterfall.In Bali the God’s worshipers they do offerings to the God’s in every business or touristic attraction place and houses. They do the offering 3 times a day, morning, lunch and evening and they offer rice, food, drinks, sweets, incense, flowers and prayers.

And there we were, in a lake where a huge amount of water was falling powerfully from quite high, calming down on the lake and keeping running through a river down on the valley. All together, a very beautiful scenery.

After spending some time there, Jayan stayed with the babies and I went up on the hill through the other side and could see the upper part of the waterfall. For that I payed more 10.000Idr.

It was just beautiful scenery! The entire river from the waterfall point, as far as the eyes could see, surrounded with this piles of smooth round rocks used much in Feng Shui, starting from the base of the pyramid rocks with more large ones and finishing on the top with tiny ones. This Feng Shui ambience brought even more a Zen feeling to the whole scenery. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

There were 3 local men’s guarding the place up on the waterfall and make sure of the security of people. One tourist tried to make some photos where the river guest faster and the waterfall beginning and they made him came out of that place. I spend some time talking with these guardians of the place and telling them such a nice work they did with the river stones. They were really helpful and very nice people.

I went down on the hill, back again to the base of the waterfall where Jayan was with the babies and on the way I saw local old men with a long white beard quietly sitting by the edge with the waterfall behind him. What a beautiful image, completely Zen! After asking for his permission, I had to take a picture of this moment!

When I arrived near Jayan, Divya and Nithya were enjoying a relaxed time lying down on a beach chairs with view to the waterfalls.

We eventually decided to go up and wow!!!…When we came down we did not thought for one single moment how hard it would be to climb all this steps with 2 babies!!! (yes, I still call them babies however Divya will be 5 years in October and Nithya will be 3 years in July, and they have each one around 12 kgs. Now climb 200 steps (or more) with a bag and two child’s that are tired (or lazy) to climb themselves the steps and asking us to carry them!!! Uffff, I carry Nithya and I reached the top with my tong out and heart pumping out from my mouth!… And I am really glad that we don’t smoke, otherwise we had to “camp” in the middle of the stairways and climb the rest after some time!…

We came back to Ubud and went to have lunch on the same local restaurant with the funny lady that went on the previous day.

After we went back to the see a nice book shop in Ubud touristic center and we came back to the Made Arsa Homestay and spend the evening there. As we were having very late lunch, at night we would just snack and that would be enough until the next day.

Original Text: Sonia Indigo

Edition: Mariana C. and Mark B.

Images: personal archives.

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