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Spirituality Versus Assertiveness

There is no peace, love or forgiveness inside yourself as long as you are not living with your Truth. Spirituality is not about living in a lie, in a illusion, unhappy or unfulfilled inside, in the name of peace.
Spirituality, for me, is, in every moment, being mindfully living and being authentic to yourself, knowing the boundaries of good and bad, correct or wrong, where the others space ends and yours starts. It’s being Truthful to yourself and others and having the capacity of being incredibly and undeniably Assertive and Firm.
To be a spiritual person is not about closing your eyes to your true Self, your needs, the things that you know that makes you happy, and depriving yourself in the name of commodity, in the name of “must keep things going as they are”.

Yes, it takes Courage to be Assertive.
Or you Are, or not.
There is no middle term.
It’s a question of life and death. Why? For the simple reason that all illness comes from an emotional and mental unbalance, and from the moment you are not living in Truth and Peace with Yourself first, and the world around you, over the time you will eventually, and most probably create unbalances within yourself, your 7 chakras (body energy main centers) which will, in last instance create serious illness in your body.
I don’t think so it’s healthy at all to live unhappy, in a lie or an ilusion.
You can be spiritual, vegetarian, do yoga, and other things apparently peaceful, however, if you don’t live in Authenticity and Truth with yourself, no matter what, You will not be living a healthy life! You will be poisoning your body with emotional and mental toxins which over the time will transform in diseases.

There is also need, for you to really see the Truth and face what you have to face, that you have the power in each of your main center, (the 7 Chakras), that they are aligned and powerfully active, and for this to happen it takes 4 reiki sessions in four days in a row. This is a life Changing stuff and I highly recommend everyone to receive 4 reiki sessions in four days in a row, every single year, as a maintenance procedure.
You go every year to make medical check up, dentist check up, why the heck you don’t do energetic check up, alignment and empowerment?!?
Well, because is not taught by society, of course. What about stop following the society and start following your Intuition, your Inner Voice?
If you feel happy, fulfilled, then, all is well, if not…then something needs to be healed, aligned and empowered.

Here is a video where I explain about the importance of aligning the Chakras:

This is Why You Need To Heal Your Chakras.


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Text & Image model: Sonia Indigo

Image Credits: Paulo Yang

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