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5988698Image Credits: Paulo S. Yang

In you can find the following information:

In the “ABOUT” page, info about Sonia Indigo, Indigo Academy, Shiva Garden Home Stay and Varkala, a touristic beach attraction in South India.

In “INDIGO ACADEMY“, you can find:

Courses: Healing Massage Course;

Workshops: Reiki Levels I & II, Reiki levels III & Master level, Life Change & Self Transforming Process and Sacred Feminine;

Therapies: Life Coaching Personal Sessions with Psychotherapy & Counseling, Astrology & Numerology, Life Change & Self Transforming Process and Sacred Feminine. Massage Healing TherapyReiki and Aqua Floating;

Retreats & Workshops: Where we offer a space for teachers to organize their retreats, workshops, courses, or conferences and guide their students to Varkala and stay in Shiva Garden Home Stay. If you would like to organize a retreat in Shiva Garden, please contact us.

Events Calendar: Here you can find the agenda with all the events taking place;

Reviews: With all the reviews of Indigo Academy’s students, clients and Shiva Garden Guests.

Accommodation: in Shiva Garden Home Stay, a medium budget homestay and in Akhil Beach Resort, a resort offering a high standard type of accommodation;

In GALLERY you can find:

Images about all the areas of the Indigo School;

The “diamant” of the gallery is the Album n. 9 PhotoArt, with photos where Sonia poses as a model in a creative way, to several art photo works. Each album tells a story, where the photo meet with the name of it. This photo art work was possible thanks to the synchronicity between the photographer and the model. Here you can find the albums YogaHeaven, Magic Moments, Artistic Nude (some photos are not available in this album), Mother Earth, Special Moments (with some of the best moments during her life) and Motherly (with the best moments in her experience as a mother of two babies).

In FREE TOOLS you can find our Blog with posts, inspirational phrases and images, Videos with Oriental Dance Performances, Yoga performances and a Conference about Natural Birth, Recommended Reading with an organized suggestion of books and the direct link to buy them online and Pdf’s downloads with free a E-Book about Pregnancy & Natural Home Birth.

FlowerImage Credits: Paulo S. Yang and the Indigo Academy is the result of Team Work between Sonia Indigo, the WebMaster, the Manuals & Texts Revision & Edition Team and the Art Team.

The WebMaster is Vivek Udayan., one of the Founders of Zeekoi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Vivek has a larger vision of the business world and an intuitive wisdom that allows him to reach in a practical way the vision of whoever requests his services.

The logo designers, Vivek Udayan (school letters designing) and Gavin ⁂ Vedic Astrologer for the amazing capacity of design a logo that translates in a symbol, the work I’ve been developing with women since 2009. It was also Gavin who gave the idea for the slogan: “Together lets make this: A Happy New You!” Gavin have a creative genius mind, he is an excellent professional in the fields of designing, marketing and Vedic Astrology.

The Manuals & Texts Revision & Edition Team is formed by an amazing group of friends, students & clients who perform their work with profound love & dedication and as part of the Karma Yoga Program of the Indigo Academy in collaboration with Shiva Garden Home Stay. Part of this team of Earth Angels are:  Mariana C. (Portugal), Nora Dubro (Latvia), Allison Murphy (USA)Louise Moorehead (U.K),  Stephanie McKay (U.K.),   Iqbal B (U.K.)Mark Bouzida (U.K.), Jessica Godman (U.K), Charlie Brophy (Australia), and J. G. (U.S.A.).

They did the revision all the texts and manuals for, corrected and beautifully improved them.

Nora Dubro (Latvia), was the starting ignition fire for the Indigo Academy, she was Sonia’s First Massage & Reiki student with a outstanding dedication and professionalism, she helped to build up all the massage & reiki manuals, under Sonia Indigo‘s guidance and supervision, and she is the one who make the edition of all the Manuals from the Indigo Academy and the E-Books from Free Tools.

Mariana C., gave also precious advice’s that improved immensely the  final result of this website, as well as the magical transformation of some texts for this website. Her Texts Revision skills are more than excellent!

The Art Team allowed Sonia Indigo to have their images on to beautifully illustrate the texts and posts. The Art Team is comprised of the participation of Photographers, Digital Artists and Painters.

If you would like to know more about their work, please click on their names.

Photographers: Cai PriestleyMaria Jose Jacinto, Natalia Anja and Paulo S. Yang and Day Dreamer Shiju Basheer.

Digital Artists: Loazoo.

Painters: Adelle BernardetteEva RuizMari Hari, Marina Kovalyova, Radmer Lenasch and Tenzin Khechok.

Artists Bios


11794508_10152873907471920_5448669539914463529_oCai Priestley

To see Cai’s work on, please click on the following links:


Cai is a wildlife photographer from Wales who came to stay at Shiva Garden back in 2012. He currently lives in Canada, but likes to travel and will be back to photograph the bird life on the backwaters and stay at Shiva Garden again in the future. 

IMG_5933 - Cópia copy 3 Maria Jose Jacinto


Maria José Jacinto was born in Caldas da Rainha, in 1969.

She began her creative path by painting on ceramics, including tiles, and at age of 19 she had her first atelier.

In 1997 she got her degree in Fashion Design at CIVEC – Centro de Formação Profissional para a Indústria do Vestuário e Confecção, in Lisbon. A new creative space then emerged, with the settlement of Spiral label, with passerelle and studio work, for a few years.

The unexpected then happens, and the creative vector somehow “falled asleep” for a period of time – a looking out gave room to a looking in, and as such she started a deep inner journey, embryonic, of self-observation and self-deconstruction. Once in place all conditions for an artistic rebirth, photography sprouted in her in early 2012, when she met the dancer and performer Iris Lican, and by that the expression of the Primordial Female principle.

Images are created and shaped from the interconnection between internal and external dimensions, in a deep, organic and at the same time subtle and ephemeral metamorphosis.

The abstract idea is the one of a domain where Every-thing and No-thing interact for the awakening of sensitivity from emptiness within.

Questioning and reinventing a new way of looking through Light and Shadow: a permanent challenge for feeling. For The feeling of all this mystery, the fullness of emptiness everywhere…

Zen Spirit Natalia Anja

To see Natalia’s work on, please click on the following links:


I am a freelance photographer based out of beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I was born in Poland and moved to Greece, eventually settling down in Vancouver, my father documented our family’s adventure with a film and video camera. I’ve followed in my dad’s footsteps by capturing and cherishing memories through a lens.

 While working for a company called ‘The Buried Life’ (A project that encourages people to check off their bucket list items.) ‘The Buried Life’ inspired me to pursue my passion as a Professional Photographer. 

 The love for photography stems from the incredible feeling of capturing unforgettable moments. I take pride in connecting with people in a genuine caring way, allowing them to feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Always smiling and hoping I can bring a smile to the faces of everyone I meet.   Eager to learn more and strongly believing that images are very powerful; my goal is to capture life-changing photographs!

Helping others that are less fortunate has always been my greatest passion and I would love to use my camera and experiences to make a positive difference in society.

PSPaulo S. Yang

To see Paulo’s work on, please click on the following links:

  • All Indigo School posts,  Title: DATES AND SCHEDULE;

  • Website Guide, Titles: OUTLINE , CONTENTS.
  • Indigo Foundation, Title: A WORD FROM SONIA


Throughout my life I acquired the habit, which turned out to be a complementary need to have a few moments or even hours of retreat in any single site.

Then abstract me from worldly distractions and gave me a contemplative meditation that gave me the feeling of merging with nature and was providing details of Vision and parallel dimensions that not all had access before.

Images have always attracted me, like beauty in its various forms.

In 2007 I bought a digital machine and started to record these moments of reflection, the way the elements began to look around me and their interconnection with all the other particles that make up this infinite universe.

In 2008, I discovered the site, where I publish my photos, receiving criticism and assessments of my work, and to follow the publications of other people, many of them only amateur like me.

I was interested myself for other records however, for photographing people, places and architectures, in addition to natural landscapes.

What really attracts me is to capture the essence and the energy inherent in all things.

0100 kannil kadal (Small) Day Dreamer Shiju Basheer

To see Shiju’s work on, please click on the following links:


An Indian freelance photo journalist residing in Dubai, I started my journey into the world of photography in 2005 through an online news portal.
Being a self-trained photographer, I draw my inspiration from the enigmatic and 
magical world around me.

Sometimes those are the moments of innocence personified or moments of sheer beauty or at times, the harsh realities of life. Some faces evoke so much pain, solitude and emptiness. Such rare moments always tempt me to capture and forever preserve them in their uniqueness.

I like to travel extensively and was lucky enough to traverse India and several countries across Asia such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal and some countries in Europe and Africa.

Usually I choose Pain, Agony, Helplessness and Solitude as my favorite subjects.

Digital Artists

EagleShaman (Small) Loazoo

To see Gil’s work on, please click on the following links:


I, fractal and cosmic surreal lover, I open my heart over a sealed human time…

Essentially I was born to be creative. Until now, my human life is a mix of 3 cultures I touched/experienced ‘in loco’. I enjoy to observe de diversity of expressions that dignify the human race.

Raised as a bilingual child, very soon I realized we experience what we call life as a concept’s vision inside a matrix we colectively generate.

My academic formation:

My digital tools:
Asus Republic of Gamers workstation + external monitor + WD backup hard disk + Wacom Intuos 4.

Main software for digital creations:
Photoshop CC + Sketchbook Pro + Krita + Apophysis.

My inspiration:
A human state I’m unable to define that allows us to transcend the matrix + nature + fractal force + music + silence.


Ganesha-40x26in (Small) Adelle Bernardette

To see Adelle’s work on, please click on the following links:


Originally from Northern Alberta, Adelle Bernadette moved to Vancouver, BC in 1980 and raised her two children. With a background in Shamanic studies she worked as a wood carver creating ceremonial healing pieces for First Nations Elders.

Following a life-altering event in 2002, Adelle turned to painting, resulting in the highly intuitive and spiritually infused paintings she has come to be known for.

Ms. Bernadette has been deeply influenced by her life experiences and her travels. Her participation in other cultures has provided her with new insights into the human experience and she enthusiastically incorporates these visions into her art.

Each painting begins with the old masters technique of applying a monochrome base. Working intuitively, Adelle draws on the emotional memory of her experiences applying countless layers of Acrylic paint until her work vibrates with color and mood. The depth of her vision is reflected by her growing international reputation as her paintings continue to be acquired by private collectors worldwide.

“My greatest inspiration comes from connecting to the natural beauty and divine presence in all things. It is this that I deeply cherish and honor. When I work I am transported into another realm of seeing and feeling and it excites me when I am able to transport and expand the consciousness of the viewer. By deepening our relationship to the ever-present life energy and spiritual source on this planet, we create the possibility of enriching and healing ourselves and each other. There is a spark within us that unites us all; plant, animal, air, earth, fire, water and human. We are like the threads of a beautiful tapestry which has been woven over eons of time.” -Abernadette

FB_IMG_1446222343032 (Small) Eva Ruiz 

To see Eva’s work on, please click on the following links:


Eva Ruiz was born in Bogota, Colombia, she spent her childhood in different cities and towns of her native country and moved to Miami at an early age. Even though she loved drawing as was a child, she decided to start her career in the arts in 2003. Wanting to find a place where she could express herself completely, she found an infinite world of possibilities when she picked up the brush, she found a part of her self that was missing. She is a self taught artist who loves to play and experiment with different mediums, porcelain, collage and jewelry.

‘Art has been a personal and spiritual journey for me, every person has a way to deal with everything that life brings, I have found that experiences that are painful, can be transformed into the most beautiful expression of love, I have grown because of them and I wish to share that transformation of energy and thought in my work. I am inspired by music, nature, love, silence… life is very inspiring when we look deeper and stay curious.
My work is focused on love and change, I choose to see the beauty around me, we need to acknowledge it and share it, change doesn’t happen by it self, we must bring it. Creation is moment of honesty and dreams, it is fueled by curiosity, imagination and infinity.’ 

IMG_20151030_104041 Mari Hari

To see Mari’s work on, please click on the following links:


Illustration, decor and henna.

Self taught artist.

I started doing henna tattoos in 2008.

In 2012 I moved to India and opened my own guest house: On the Way, Guest House. Which I decorated myself.

In 2014 I experimented with Mandalas and different designs on paper, walls and wood.

In 2015 I decorated my husband’s Restaurant with my mandalas and different designs.

Now, I design henna tattoos, illustrations, mandalas and home decorations.

Mari Häri

Tara Marina Kovalyova

To see Marina’s work on, please click on the following links:

Woman conectingRadmer Lenasch



Radmer Lenasch was born in Durban South Africa on the 6th of August 1976, two weeks after the Soweto Riots began. His art is steeped in a theme of revolution to challenge and explore our perception. Radmer is self taught. His work is mostly done in oil. He is influenced by the natural world and uses his observation of its varying patterns and textures to explore human archetypes.

His paintings draw on his extensive travel experiences to highlight fundamental existential questions. There is a strong emotive intention to guide us through the composition problem challenging us through the use of color, light and energy that is obvious to him in the natural world. Currently he resides on the island of Jeju South Korea. The natural wonder of his environment gives him the opportunity to engage with nature on a daily basis, providing an inspirational platform to work.

“Peace be the journey.”

Medicine Budha (Small)Tenzin Khechok

To see Tenzin’s work on, please click on the following links:


Painting of Buddhist Gods and Goddesses and Tibetan art. Tattooist.

A Word of Gratitude

To my Life Partner, Jayan R., eternal gratitude for giving me the most precious Angels of my life, our  daughters, and for so many other things, but specially, for supporting me in my Life Path, and for caring for our daughters during my working time.

To our beloved Daughters, for all the happiness, love, light and wisdom they give to us.

To Mariana C. for her constant support and encouragement during the development of this website and in very special moments of my life.

To Vivek U. for the infinite patience and commitment in fulfilling all my requests in order to add, change and improve things on

To the ones among my Friends and Family that in the right moment gave me that precious word, book, advice and the love and courage to believe in my Life Path and intuition.

To all the Students and clients that gave me an amazing support, encouragement and validation, to keep investing and moving forward with my work.

To all the Teachers and Masters that pass through my life in the courses and workshops I attended and the books I have read.

To all the Shiva Garden’s  Amazing Staff for looking after our daughters and for all the tasks of cleaning, cooking and management in Shiva Garden Home Stay.

To all the Indigo Academy’s  Teachers for becoming so much more richer the services offered by this Academy to people all over the world.

To each Person that has participated in and Indigo Academy, I am infinitely grateful for their Amazing work and dedication. Thanks to their participation, has today this final result.

To all the Earth Angels & Heaven Angels that keep passing in my life bringing exactly what I need to receive in each moment.

Profound Gratitude and reverence to all of the and Indigo Academy collaborators.

Signature last (Small)

IMG_20151110_164414Image Credits: Mari Hari



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