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Yoga Hall 1

The international Indigo Academy started in 2012 in Varkala, (a touristic beach attraction in South India), and offers Courses, Workshops, Therapies, Astrology & Numerology, Life Coaching & Women Empowering Coaching, Counseling  and Yoga & Meditation classes given by Sonia Indigo to people from all over the world.

All courses and workshops are offered in English, while the therapies, Astrology & Numerology, Coaching and Counseling  can be done in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

The Academy is an abode of peace and shelter from the pressures of mundane life. It provides a safe environment for personal development and the pursuit of a spiritual path. Our world-wide students often visit India looking for a deep connection to themselves, in moments of life change, and to experience the profound spirituality of Ancient India and ancestral Yoga, Ayurveda, healing, astrology, shamanic traditions, among others.

Here we offer a safe space, time, teachings, therapies and tools  for the students/clients to recover from their daily life’s, look inwards and make a real inner change.

We also provide for our students, clients and guests a spiritual /alternative  / esoteric library for them to make their own study, advising them what could be a good book for them to read, according with their needs.

Therapy Room 2

Therapy Room 2

The mission of the Indigo Academy is:


Reiki level I February 2016

  • Provide tools to help students find their own truth, transform themselves and start their Life Change process,  offering the Workshops of Life Change and Sacred Feminine.
  • To help people heal, know, accept, love, nurture and improve themselves at all levels (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual), inspiring them to believe and achieve their dreams and Life Path. The Therapies available are Life Coach Sessions, that include the following sessions: Psychotherapy & Counseling, Astrology & Numerology, Life Change & Self Transforming Process and Sacred Feminine. In the Academy you can also find therapies such as Reiki Sessions, Aqua-Floating TherapyHealing Massage Therapy and Yoga Retreats;

Sacred Feminine Dec 2015 (4)

Sacred Feminine Workshop December 2015

  • Train Yoga beginners and advanced practitioners to do their practice by themselves and deepen their knowledge in Meditation, Yoga, Chakras, Doshas, Diet, Pranayama, Asana Benefits, among others, during the Yoga & Meditation Classes.
  • Provide free access to the academy library.


Reiki level II Workshop Feb 2016

Our Teachers:

Sonia Indigo



Sonia Indigo is an international known speaker, writer, life coach, yoga and massage teacher, reiki master, therapist, medicine woman, astrologer, choreographer, oriental dancer and the founder of Indigo Academy. She lives in South India, Kerala, Varkala since January 2012, where she offers workshops, courses, classes and therapies in these areas. She is an Indian Overseas Citizen, the Indian Government has kindly given to her the PIO card in 2013 and the life long OCI card in 2014.

90 % of her clients are women and because of this, she develops a work focused on their needs.
From an early age, astrology, numerology, massage therapy and yoga were an important part of Sonia’s life. In 2007 she had her ‘spiritual awakening’ and after extensive soul-search and learning, she started her professional practice, changing people’s lives.


Biwa Crystal*


*Biwa Crystal is an International Teacher and part of our Karma Yoga program, performing work for the Indigo Academy in exchange of services from the Academy, food and accommodation.

Biwa crystal is dance therapist,practicing and teaching since 15 years.
Her specialty is expression dance.
To get contact with the own body knowledge.
Since 4years she broaden the active dance knowledge with the passive methods from Kundalini yoga:
Fire breathing, Mudras, Assanas and meditation.
Since 3years she study and practice the healing and knowledge from ancient Mandala Symbols in combination with crystals.
So she find a simple and effective way to change blocking programs (from childhood,system manipulation,former incarnations……)
Light language!
Biwa works mainly with young people(17-35year)
She love to inspire for opening the heart and come to the own flow!
Her efforts are to help to liberate yourself for creating your live!
This philosophy she is living all her live; half year in Germany half year in India!

“I welcome you.”


In the Indigo Academy Biwa teach the Workshop For Healers II Cosmic Human.



Kumar is an international known speaker, writer, past life healing therapy, transomatic dialogue therapy,   meditation and massage teacher and therapist. He is the founder of the Mumuksha Center for Transformation. He lives in South India, Karnataka, Mysore.

A quiet storm, a silent tornado, a cool flame – these seemingly self-contradictory yet evocative phrases are apt descriptions for B. Nagakumar, who runs the Mumuksha Centre for Transformation. Kumar, as he is affectionately known, is a study in contrasts. He is a person who loves solitude and silence, yet is an extremely enthralling person to be around. His presence is charged with a quiet intensity, yet people find it very relaxing to be with him. Most of all, the knowledge, skills and wisdom he has gained in his life have, without exception, been gained only through great hardship and intense striving, yet seem so simple and easy to understand when he teaches. In fact, the exceptional manner in which he imparts knowledge is paralleled only by the magnanimity with which he does so.

In the Indigo Academy Kumar teach the Past Life Healing Therapy Course. and the Indigo Academy is the result of Team Work between Sonia Indigo, the WebMaster, the Manuals & Texts Revision & Edition Team, the Art Team and all the Shiva Garden Homestay‘s Staff.

The WebMaster is Vivek Udayan., one of the Founders of Zeekoi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Vivek has a larger vision of the business world and an intuitive wisdom that allows him to reach in a practical way the vision of whoever requests his services.

The Logo Designers, Vivek Udayan (school letters designing) and Gavin ⁂ Vedic Astrologer for the amazing capacity of design a logo that translates in a symbol, the work I’ve been developing with women since 2009. It was also Gavin who gave the idea for the slogan: “Together lets make this: A Happy New You!” Gavin have a creative genius mind, he is an excellent professional in the fields of designing, marketing and Vedic Astrology.

The Manuals & Texts Revision & Edition Team is formed by an amazing group of friends, students & clients who perform their work with profound love & dedication and as part of the Karma Yoga Program of the Indigo Academy in collaboration with Shiva Garden Home Stay. Part of this team of Earth Angels are:  Mariana C. (Portugal), Nora Dubro (Latvia), Allison Murphy (USA)Louise Moorehead (U.K),  Stephanie McKay (U.K.),   Iqbal B (U.K.)Mark Bouzida (U.K.), Jessica Godman (U.K), Charlie Brophy (Australia), and J. G. (U.S.A.).

They did the revision all the texts and manuals for, corrected and beautifully improved them.

Nora Dubro (Latvia), was the starting ignition fire for the Indigo Academy, she was Sonia’s First Massage & Reiki student with a outstanding dedication and professionalism, she helped to build up all the massage & reiki manuals, under Sonia Indigo‘s guidance and supervision, and she is the one who make the edition of all the Manuals from the Indigo Academy and the E-Books from Free Tools.

Mariana C., gave also precious advice’s that improved immensely the  final result of this website, as well as the magical transformation of some texts for this website. Her Texts Revision skills are more than excellent!

The Art Team allowed Sonia Indigo to have their images on to beautifully illustrate the texts and posts. The Art Team is comprised of the participation of Photographers, Digital Artists and Painters.

If you would like to know more about their work, please click on their names.

Photographers: Cai PriestleyMaria Jose Jacinto, Natalia Anja and Paulo S. Yang and Day Dreamer Shiju Basheer.

Digital Artists: Loazoo.

Painters: Adelle BernardetteEva RuizMari Hari, Marina Kovalyova, Radmer Lenasch and Tenzin Khechok.

If you would like to see the Artist’s Bios, please click here and open the “Website Team”.

The Shiva Garden Homestay‘s Staff provide precious support to the workshops with their delicious food in our Typical Kerala Restaurant and the cleaning of all areas for teaching and therapies.

A Word of Gratitude

To my Life Partner, Jayan R., eternal gratitude for giving me the most precious Angels of my life, our  daughters, and for so many other things, but specially, for supporting me in my Life Path, and for caring for our daughters during my working time.

To our beloved Daughters, for all the happiness, love, light and wisdom they give to us.

To Mariana C. for her constant support and encouragement during the development of this website and in very special moments of my life.

To Vivek U. for the infinite patience and commitment in fulfilling all my requests in order to add, change and improve things on

To the ones among my Friends and Family that in the right moment gave me that precious word, book, advice and the love and courage to believe in my Life Path and intuition.

To all the Students and clients that gave me an amazing support, encouragement and validation, to keep investing and moving forward with my work.

To all the Teachers and Masters that pass through my life in the courses and workshops I attended and the books I have read.

To all the Shiva Garden’s  Amazing Staff for looking after our daughters and for all the tasks of cleaning, cooking and management in Shiva Garden Home Stay.

To all the Indigo Academy’s  Teachers for becoming so much more richer the services offered by this Academy to people all over the world.

To each Person that has participated in and Indigo Academy, I am infinitely grateful for their Amazing work and dedication. Thanks to their participation, has today this final result.

To all the Earth Angels & Heaven Angels that keep passing in my life bringing exactly what I need to receive in each moment.

Profound Gratitude and reverence to all of the and Indigo Academy collaborators.

Signature last (Small)

Mari Hari

Artwork by Mari Hari
















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