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Mission Life Change: 10 Practices to Inspire You to Improve Your Life

This is an article with detailed suggestions about what you should do in the morning that can help you to Change Your Life. Your current reality … does not matter. What you see is an illusion mistakenly perceived by your ego. Your limits are only in your mind. I knowRead More

3 Secrets That Will Help You Tune In To The Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction comes to me in a challenging moment of my life, in 2013. A very dear friend recommended the videos of Esther Hicks, from the Abraham Hicks Publications, which I did saw them. It changed my life forever. That was the beginning of one of the most profoundRead More

Morning Practice for Life Changing

9 powerful tolls to Start The Life Change: Prayer, Pranayama , Reiki, Meditation, Angel Cards, Positive Affirmations, Yoga, Keep Learning, and Stay Positive!

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