Aqua-Floating Therapy

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Aqua Floating Therapy

Let yourself float freely in the warm waters of the Womb

and travel to other dimensions of Your Being.

Aquatic Bodywork is a unique experience that simultaneously brings you relaxation and revitalization. The therapeutic effect may be felt on many levels.

It’ s a mix of massage and breath work – performed above and under water – requiring no effort from your part.

Aquatic Bodywork is fluid and nurturing therapy. Suspended in warm water, you are able to let go of both body and mind. Nothing else exists. It allows you to enter in a state of deep receptiveness.

This unique bodywork is passive technique. It’s like a dance in water where, freely and with no conscious control of bodily movement, you are able to surrender to the experience. The body moves itself slowly through water pressure and the gentle touch of the therapist. You are led to a place of purity – back to life inside womb, back to safety and warmth.

The Aqua-Floating Therapy is performed in warm water, in a one-to-one session, you lie weightless in chest-deep warm water. The therapist will support your neck and lower back, knees or feet, and you are moved, stretched, massaged and mobilized in several different ways. This massage is effected simply through water pressure and the free movement of the body.

Aquatic Bodywork, as well as other alternative therapy’s, has a range of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic benefits.

The duration of the session is: 2h.

A sincere desire to heal and openness to the Aqua-Floating Therapy is required.

The Aqua-Floating payment includes:  therapy, clip for the nose and the ear plugs, are included in the cost of the therapy.

A fee of 300 Inr / 4 euros, has to be payed at the reception of Akhil Resort for the swimming pool full day access. Meals are served on the pool (not included on the prices).

Before booking your session, send an email to check the availability in the dates that you request.

We have Aqua-Floating sessions available at Fridays*, between 11h am and 13h00.

* Except the days with Courses or Workshops with Sonia Indigo. Please check the Events Calendar before booking your therapy.

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Aquatherapy 04

Aquatherapy 04


Aquatic bodywork is a form of warm water hydrotherapy and massage that has been used worldwide for recreation, rehabilitation, and therapy.
Aquatic bodywork harnesses the healing power of water. In underwater sessions, dolphin-like waves and moves are used to provide free three-dimensional motion.

The warm water provides a safe, thermo-neutral environment in which the body enters a state of deep relaxation. The body is then free to receive extensive multidimensional stretching, soft tissue manipulation, and undulating, hydrodynamic movement that can free spinal vertebrae, rotate joint articulations, and elongate muscles.
Immersed in water the body is released from the pull of gravity. All movements are three-dimensional, so that no limb is moved in isolation. The whole body is in movement. The sensation of warmth and weightlessness makes all unnecessary muscular activity stop, you just let go… which from a therapeutic point of view is an ideal way to restore health.

Just the hydro-static pressure of warm water during a session has several benefits:
Firstly, water molds itself to respond to individual needs and stabilizes joints, making it safe for a variety of conditions and injuries.
Secondly, it compresses all soft tissues, enhancing lymphatic return and increasing diuresis. In other words- faster detox.
Thirdly, it displaces 700 cm3 of blood from the extremities and abdominal vessels into the large veins of the thorax and into the heart. This causes a significant increase in right arterial pressure, stroke volume, and cardiac output – simply put, it slows the heart rate.
And when the body is in a deep state of relaxation, the body’s processes can concentrate on repair.
Warm water affects our consciousness and our sense of boundary. Our body feels more and more boundless. It is where our mind’s chatter is most still. The psychosomatic effects of aquatic bodywork lead to improved body/mind awareness, reduced pain, and a general sense of well being.

We are mammals, and mammals are supposed to stretch. Stretching after a nap, as cats do, is an indication of its good health. By stretching, we fully inhabit our bodies, and experience the innate gracefulness of moving freely. Aquatic bodywork uses many static and dynamic passive stretches. Accelerating a movement through the water against water resistance or lifting the client partially out of the water can further enhance a stretch. In eastern medicine, stretching is believed to release blockages in our meridians, the channels through which our “chi”, energy or life force, flows.

It is also believed that emotions and memories of an event or trauma are stored in the body’s tissues. Stretching and manipulation of these tissues can release this energy and tension, so that emotions surface. People are encouraged to let go, because the more they let go, the more they receive from a session.

Who Can Receive Aqua-Floating Therapy

People come in different sizes, shapes, and physical conditions. Water equalizes them all. Aquatic body work is therefore suitable for almost anyone in any age group. It’s an accessible, low-threshold activity and you don’t have to be able to swim. It offers sports-people a blissful form of muscle recovery and can be integrated into convalescence, rehabilitation or antenatal care, or can be done purely for recreation. The effects of aquatic bodywork have been used worldwide to help treat cancer, heart disease, aids, chronic pain, psychological traumas, bone and muscle strains and injuries, and insomnia.
It counteracts the strain and stress of everyday life by imparting an intense feeling of total, deep relaxation, and its beneficial effects may last for many days. It has helped the handicapped, the injured, the stressed, the depressed, the addicted, the abused, hyperactive children, pregnant women, couples in troubled relationships, and those who simply want to relax.
The session is about clients. It is about guiding them through whatever process they go through. The session is about them and the water. I just help them use the water.

How Often

It is possible that one session will be sufficient to remedy a problem. In chronic cases, sessions should generally be scheduled once a week. For stress management, a session once or twice a month is enough to impart an intense feeling of total, deep relaxation, and, together with regular exercise, correct diet and lifestyle, maintains the body’s health and holistic balance.

What You Need to Know

You do absolutely nothing, as much relaxed you are, the better.
Your nose and mouth are kept above water
(unless you choose an underwater session)
Sessions are one-to-one and last one hour
Water is heated to 33-36C
Bring only your swimsuit


Aqua-Floating Therapy Sessions:

All sessions take place at one of the finest swimming pools in Varkala:

Akhil Beach Resort, (right next door to Shiva Garden Home Stay).

  • Kindly inform if you would like a session above or under water;

  • The therapist will start very gently to move your body over water, and then, according with how much you let your self go, will perform more advance movements.

  • Profound attention is paid to your relationship with the water and your inner state at each moment.

  • When the water work is finish, the therapist will gently bring you to a sitting position, in order to facilitate your return to “this reality”.

  • After the session, depending on how long you need, there is post-water work that consists of just supporting you to re-adjust to the environment outside water, and to rest and integrate all the insights that you had during the therapy.

  • The more you can relax and let go, the greater the benefit you will receive.

NoteThe time spent in the water varies from person to person. Some people can stay 30 to 40 minutes, some just 10 to 15 minutes. It all depends on the relationship you have with the water, your unconscious fears and insecurities, how deep you are able to go, how far you are able to surrender yourself, and the appropriate time to resurface in order to avoid a deep state of trance.

Photography may be taken during the therapy.


Featured Therapist: Sonia Indigo


Language: English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.


The Aqua-Floating payment includes:  therapy, clip for the nose and the ear plugs, are included in the cost of the therapy.

A fee of 300 Inr / 4 euros, has to be payed at the reception of Akhil Resort for the swimming pool full day access.

What to Bring: Your swimming suit.

Before the Aqua-Floating Therapy: 

  1. Take out all the accessories, earrings, bracelets, watch, rings, etc. If you have long hair, put your hair in a pony tail; 

  2. Two hour before the Aqua-Floating Therapy don’t eat, one hour before don’t drink a lot of liquids. 

  3. Make sure you go to the toilet. You don’t want to have to go out of the swimming pool in the middle of your therapy; 

  4. Talk to the therapist if you are concerned about anything related with your aqua-floating therapy or your health state. Let us know if you are undergoing any medical treatment;

  5. Arrive on time to insure that you are not stressed or anxious.

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Before booking your session, send an email to check the availability in the dates that you request.

We have Aqua-Floating sessions available from Mondays to Thursdays*, between 11h am and 4h00 pm.

* Except the days with Courses or Workshops with Sonia Indigo. Please check the Events Calendar before booking your therapy.

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Aquatherapy 08

Aquatherapy 08

We have therapy sessions available from August to April, at Fridays with Sonia Indigo.

Occasionally we invite other Aqua-Floating Therapists.



We have Aqua-Floating sessions available from Monday to Thursday, between 11h am and 16h00.

* Except the days with Courses or Workshops with Sonia Indigo. Please check the Events Calendar and send an email to to check the availability before booking your therapy.

Sessions lasts 2h.

Before booking your session, send an email to check the availability in the dates that you request.

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Aquatherapy 10

Aquatherapy 10


South India, Kerala (God’s Own Country), Varkala beach, one of the Top 10 beaches in India, rated 3rd place by Tourists, and one of the First 30 Tour Destinations in the Planet, rated 28th place among the 100 top ‘Best Value Index’ around the globe.

The main beach is Papanasam beach. The word Papanasam means washing away sins. The legend says, that to take a dip in the waters of Papanasam Beach washes away all the sins in one’s life.

Varkala Beach 10

Varkala Beach 10

Shiva Garden Home Stay is located 5 min. walking distance from Papanasam beach, 10 min by rickshaw from Varkala town and 20 min from the picturesque Backwaters.

Backwaters 3

Akhil Beach Resort is located next door to Shiva Garden Home Stay.

To see the google location, please click here.


For Accommodation, please click here.


For information’s about how to travel to Varkala, please click here.


For Tips to Travel to the Mother India, please click here.

Deep Pool Dreams 36x30inPainting by Adelle Bernardette


Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of  wealth, fortune, and prosperity (both material and spiritual).

In Euros & Indian Rupees*

Aqua-Floating Therapy 2h  ———  Inr 4.000 / 50 euros

* The prices to consider are in Indian Rupees.

* Rates of Euro / Indian Rupee are variable according with the International banks exchange rates. Please check here.

Read carefully: To reserve your place,  the payment is required in advance, with the booking of the therapy.


Please note: Therapies are not available in the dates with courses or workshops, nor at weekends. Please check the Events Calendar, and send an email to to check availability before the booking of your therapy. Thank you.

For Booking of Therapies, Terms & Conditions, Cancellation Policy and Passport & Visa, please click here.

Before booking your session, send an email to check the availability in the dates that you request.

We have therapies available from Mondays to Thursdays*, between 11h am and 3h30 pm.

* Except the days with Courses or Workshops with Sonia Indigo. Please check the Events Calendar before booking your therapy.

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Therapist: Sonia Indigo 2007 (Small)

Aqua-Floating Therapy came into my life without my looking for it. In fact I wasn’t even aware of its existence!

In 2015 an Aqua-Floating Therapist and Teacher – that I knew only as a Human Design Astrologer – met me on the beach one day by sheer chance (or not), and invited me to come and experience this therapy the following day. I went and…my God!…it was a truly amazing experience! As I have no issues or fears concerning water, I just let my body flow over and under water guided by her. In all the time I was under the water my only thought was:

“This is fantastic! I WANT TO LEARN TO DO THIS!!!”

As soon as I re-surfaced and took my first breath I told her exactly that. Still I had no idea that she was a teacher.

So she organized a course and taught me.

As I am still gaining experience, during the season of 2014/2015, the only charge I take for this therapy, is for the entrance fee to the swimming pool.

It is a pleasure for me to offer such a special experience to others.

Feel welcome to join!

Signature last (Small)

To see the therapist’s certification, please click here.

Aquatherapy 09

Aquatherapy 09


Aquatic bodywork has a range of physical, emotional, psychological, and energetic benefits, and is recognized as an effective holistic intervention in most first world countries.

Calms the nervous system, releasing stress, tension and fatigue.
Reduces acute and chronic pain (especially neck and lower back).
Reduces blood pressure and heart rate.
Stimulates cellular metabolism.
Alleviates spinal and muscular tensions during pregnancy.
Softens connective tissue.
Extends the vertebral column and improves posture.
Improves breathing and sleeping patterns.
Increases flexibility and range of movement.
Reduces depression and hyperactivity.
Increases energy levels.
Addresses neuro-muscular and anxiety-related disorders.
Addresses emotional and psychological traumas.
Improves muscle tone and skin circulation.


Serious Contra-indications: Cardiovascular disease, cardiopulmonary disease, Diabetic, Balance disorder, History of CVA, Epilepsy, Incontinence, Labyrinthitis, cold, Influenza, Fever, skin conditions, Chemical allergies (Chlorine).

Absolute Contra-indications: Contagious diseases, Hepatitis, Tracheotomy, Urinary tract infection, Serious Epilepsy, Urinary incontinence, Open Wounds, Recently Surgery, Hydrophoby.

Woman in Water (Small)Painting by  Eva Ruiz

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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy 10

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Note 2: A lot of our students, clients and guests leave us comments and reviews. Feel free to click their names, visit their websites (if applicable), get to know their work and send them some Love.

Review in SoniaIndigoSchool Facebook page 


1st Review Reviewed by: Chloe Titard From: France On: November 2015

1 week Healing Massage Course Level I in August 2015

Meeting Sonia change my life. She’s amazing!!!
Sonia is the Best massage therapist that I have ever met in all my travels so it was my dream to make the massage therapy course with her and my dream came true…
This course is really high quality! Sonia is a great teacher! She has real technical and theoretical knowledge. I learn so much…. I was so happy!
Sonia made me discover Reiki and I really felt the feels inside my body. What a wonderful experience!
I also discovered the aqua-floating therapy: a trip inside myself, a sensation of lightness… I have no word… Just try it, it’s amazing!
And Sonia gave me so much more… Her smile, her supporting, her advises about the life, her share, her friendship and her very big heart…
She is a master!!! I discovered with her, with numerology, with the affirmation, the crystal … an other world, an other life.
Sonia and her lovely family make of Shiva garden a haven of peaceful and made my stays very powerful moments of my life.
Thank you so much Sonia.

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