1977 - 1986

Sonia was raised in a lower middle class, dysfunctional family. Her parents were born in 1937, and pass through hunger in their childhood during the 2nd world war, and dictatorship in their 20’s and 30’s.  Their parents abused them physically, mentally and emotionally during their childhood. Sonia’s father was physically and emotionally abused and her mother was neglected and she was not sended to school. She did not learned how to read or write. 

During her childhood, Sonia witnessed verbal abuse and domestic violence between her parents. Her mother suffered from co-dependency and had with Sonia a narcissistic behaviour.  Her father have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Since her 3 months old her parents, during the week, were absent for work for 12h a day and she was not breastfeed. She was raised by a babysitter, her 2 older brothers and her parents. She was a victim of sexual molestation at the age of 8.

Sonia was raised on the nature, in a small village. Her mother in her free time was planting vegetable garden, flowers, and raising animals (to eat), chickens, ducks, rabbits, pidgeons, etc. and her father, making bricolage, planting vegetable garden, trees and, studding deeply in astrology, numerology, I-Ching, Past lifes, and all spirituality subjects. Her mother as much as she could she would avoid processed foods, making homely cooking preferentially with their own  vegetables and animals. As her parents would make themselves busy, there was no playtime with Sonia or their brothers.


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