2006 - 2008

From 2006 until 2009,  Sonia attended belly dance classes.

Oriental Dance Performance 2013 2014 India Varkala 10

While working as manager in an Import business company, Sonia also worked part-time in an Insurances company.

She suffered important material losses and a dear loved one passed away during this time, she had depression, burn out and consequently had her “spiritual awakening”, around her 30 years old, in the end of 2007 and started meditating and communication with the Archangels.

2008 Portugal Cabo da Roca

Between 2008 and 2009 Sonia attended her 1st certified massage course and several courses and workshops on reflexology, meditation, spirituality, massage, tantra and sacred love and starts meeting her “soul sisters and brothers”.

Early in 2009, started to offer massage therapy and spiritual counseling mainly to women.

She participated in the “Rainbow Gathering” in Portugal.

Inicio 2009 046 (Small)Outono 2008 002 (Small)






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