2010 - 2011

Due to expiration of her Indian touristic visa, in April 2010 Sonia had to go back to Portugal against her will. All she wanted was to stay in India, place where she felt like home.

She learned Reiki Level 1.

Those were months of struggle and pain. She got lost and questioned everything in her life. She detached herself from materialism, traveled for 2 months in Morocco, a lot of trial and error happened during this phase and valuable lessons were learned.

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She did Photo Sessions in the subjects of Yoga, Semi-Nude, Magic Moments, Heaven, Mother Earth as model with the Photographer Paulo Yang, in Portugal, Sintra.

In 2011 she went through an abortion and healed her self from a 7 cm cyst in an ovary, naturally, without any medical treatment.

2011 (Small)





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